has been manufacturing domestic and professional cleaning equipment for more than 40 years; it offers diversified solutions and product ranges for each cleaning need. LAVOR is its own strong and well-known brand, synonymous of quality and professionalism.

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Discover the product range for home and outdoor: for each cleaning task LAVOR offers the right product. High pressure cleaners, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaners, floor scrubber dryer and steam cleaners. LAVOR products are easy to use, safe, effective and supremely attractive in design.

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Professional products are the ideal tool for professional people and for businesses: cold and hot water high pressure cleaners with electric or endothermic motor, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, floor scrubber dryers, floor sweepers. Highly technological products for a perfect blend of hygiene and cleaning power with significant savings in time and energy.


Lavor wash LCR Team Honda together in MotoGP

For the 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons of the MotoGPTM World Championship Lavorwash is “Major Sponsor” and “Official Cleaning Technologies Suppliers” of LCR Honda team.

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About us

Lavorwash is one of the worldwide leaders in cleaning industry since 1975 and offers a wide and complete range of cleaning machinery suitable for any kind of applications, both domestic and professional.

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